Training: The many facets of a true DJ (2011)


Estonian TOP DJ's will come to Saue Parish Culture Center as part of the training!

23.03.2011 - Meelis Meri (2010 DJ nr. 3) and P.Julm (rulersofthedeep)
24.03.2011 - Siim Pohlak (2010 DJ nr. 4) (

23.03.2011 - Wednesday

  • Studio work. What is MIDI?
  • What is LABEL? How to create your own record company?
  • Lighting equipment. What is DMX?
  • Currently the world's top dj media players Pioneer CDJ-2000 and dj-mixer DJM-2000.

24.03.2011 - Thursday

  • Sound amplification (Watt, dB, speaker construction).
  • Organizing large parties and mitigating risks.
  • New console DDJ-T1 from Pioneer (currently the only one in Estonia).
  • Copyright protection, Piracy (Rauno Haabmets, Erik Mandre


  • Disco mutation through the ages. Hobby or business?
  • Differences in occurrence in Estonia and abroad.
  • Secrets of radio work.
  • Nightclub - from the point of view of the owner, performer, guest.


  • Gifts by Pioneer: USB sticks.
  • The first 25 registrants will receive the courses for FREE!
  • 1 day participation fee only € 3 and 2 day participation fee € 5.
  • Tickets can also be redeemed on site 30 minutes before the start of the course.


  • Saue vallavalitsus
  • Saue valla Kultuurikeskus
  • DJ-Center
  • Masters Grupp OÜ
  • Pioneer DJ
  • Digisound OÜ
  • ROTD


  • Ingrid Novikova
  • +372 53465917
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Who are those whose voices or creations we hear on the radio and in nightclubs, but often do not see?
How, why and with what do they do it?
Many have secret thoughts - Do I have any hope and what should I do?

That's why during the school holidays in March: 23.03. and 24.03. we offer the training "Several facets of a real DJ" to give an understanding of what this life and night work of celebrities really is and what it involves. Those who have been chosen by the people as one of the 5 best DJs in Estonia, who not only turn the record, but also organize big events themselves, create their own music, remix artists, own a record company, a nightclub or a radio.

Unfortunately, this knowledge cannot be studied anywhere in Estonia, and it costs a fortune across the border. After all, large sums of money move in the entertainment business :)
I believe that you can appreciate our guests who found time in their fast pace of life and are willing to share this knowledge and secrets with you.

With respect: Antti Indov


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