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Transport by Van

  • Transport with equipment in Tallinn: € 28, (which is 2 * round trip. Includes: loading, driver, fuel, time).
  • Freight transport outside of Tallinn: € 0,35 / km.  (Includes: loading, driver, fuel, time).
  • Parking fees are added in paid areas (1.5 € / h in the center of Tallinn, 4.8 € / h in the city center and 6 € / h in the Old Town).
  • Equipment installation and removal € 20 / hour per worker.

  • You can apply for a temporary entry permit to the Old Town (30-60 min for loading equipment): HERE.
  • Please inform us, if you do not have direct access on wheels with a trolley (or elevator), as transporting large and heavy equipment from stairs or over long distances outdoors on a soft surface is an additional cost of time and labor.

Don't come with the trailer
  • It has cracks that allow dust to enter and smears bags that need to be cleaned or washed.
  • Driving through the holes dramatically worsens the equipments.
  • In winter, it is necessary that equipmwnts have to be a roomwarm, otherwise the humidity of condensation in electronics will emerge. Due to the rapid expansion, gas- and halogenlamps can also be explode.

Renault Master III
  • Length: 6198 mm
  • Width: 2070 mm
  • Height: 2475 mm.
  • Gross vehicle weight: 3500 kg
  • Empty weight: 2045 kg
  • Power: 107 kW
  • Color: Orange
  • Other: CD, air conditioner, computer, cruise control

Cargo space dimensions
  • Length: 3733 mm
  • Width: 1765 mm
  • Height: 1897 mm
  • Capacity: 13 m³
Renault Master III