Rental and contract

Find eligible devices

When requesting an offer, please provide

  • Date? We reserve the stage equipment you may need.
  • Location? Where are the devices used?
  • First & last name? We do a background check.
  • Phone number? That we can contact you as well.
  • Props? To whom do we bill for the service?

With full service, we need additional information

  • Start & end times? We plan both transport and support staff.
  • Accessibility? Loading in front of the door. Parking? Which floor? Stairs or elevator?
  • Indoors or outdoors? Is the performer & equipment outdoors under the roof to protect them from sun and rain?
  • Electricity? How far? Is there also an industrial current? Calculator
  • Drawing or photo. Rroom or stage width, depth, height. Planned layout. In one or more places?


  • Please place an order in writing by email, this will avoid later bypassing. Then we check the stock and make an offer.
  • If the information you provide is incomplete (first and last name, phone number), we will not prepare an offer.
  • After sending the offer to you, we will wait for your confirmation within 5 working days (no order will be accepted without a response).
  • If we have not responded to your letter within 2 working days (spam, technical failure, etc.), please call back because the request has not been processed.

Rental and contract

  • Of the lessee and the lessor shall be concluded between the lease with the property transfer-acceptance act.
  • Renters and signatories must be adults age.
  • Acceptable documents in are: a valid Estonian passport, driver's license or ID card.
  • The equipment must be returned the next day before 13:00, after which the new day's rent will apply.


  • When picking up the equipment yourself, please make an appointment in advance, because we are not always in the warehouse.
  • The customer ensures the safety of our employees and equipment at the event, access to the equipment and availability of necessary permits (parking).


The following discounts apply to the volume of rental equipment:

  • 125.-€ and more -5%
  • 250.-€ and more -10%
  • 500.-€ and more -15%
  • 1000.-€ and more -20%

The following discounts apply to equipment based on the renter's rental frequency:

  • 2-3 times a year -5%
  • 4-5 times a year -10%
  • 6-8 times a year -15%
  • 9-12 times a year -20%
  • 13-18 times a year -25%

Rental discounts for stage equipment for multi-day events:

  • 2-3 days: -15%
  • 4-5 days: -20%
  • 6-7 days: -25%
  • 8-10 days: -30%
  • 11-14 days: -35%


  • On weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) we offer an additional discount.
  • Discounts do not apply to services (transportation, installation-moving of equipment, technicians, artists)
  • The discounts are not summed up, but the most advantageous solution for the customer is used.


  • The invoice payment term is 7 days, 21 days for the public sector and large international companies.
  • Private customers and cash settlement will take place prior of to the transfer or equipment installation.
  • If necessary, we ask for an advance payment.

Permanent rental

We offer an affordable long-term (from 3 months) stage equipment rental option for party venues. The advantages of a permanent lease are:

  • Financial - The party venue does not have to buy all the valuable equipment needed for different and demanding performers.
  • Save time - The party venue does not have to deal with time-consuming installation. The equipment is permanently available on site.
  • Risk mitigation - We will replace a device that needs maintenance or a faulty one immediately.
  • Convenience - The party venue does not have to deal with transporting large and heavy equipment.
  • Flexibility - It is also possible to buy out the necessary equipment at the party venue later.
  • We assemble the quantity and capacity, taking into account the size of the room as well as the specifics of the place and events.
  • Only Fridays and Saturdays are paid in the fixed line, for which we make a -40% discount in summer/winter and -50% in spring/autumn.