Rental conditions

Direct selection

When requesting an offer, please provide

  • Date of event? - We will book the necessary.
  • Equipment? - Model, quantity? Rider?
  • Event Location? - Features of the place, weather forecast of the place, etc.
  • Renter's first and last name? - We do a background check. Customer benefits?
  • Phone number? - So that we can refine the details with you on an ongoing basis.
  • Payer details? - Who do we send the invoice to?

With full service, we need additional information

  • Start & end times? - We plan our transport as well as auxiliary labor if necessary.
  • Accessibility? - Loading in front of the door. Which floor? Stairs, elevator? Parking?
  • Indoors or outdoors? - Is the performer & equipment outdoors under the roof to protect them from sun and rain?
  • Electricity? - How far? Is there also an industrial current (16A, 32A, 64A)? Calculator.
  • Drawing, photo, video. - Width, depth, height of the room or stage? Planned placement?


  • Please make the order in writing to the email. This avoids misunderstandings. Then we check the stock of the products and prepare an offer.
  • At the first inquiry, if your name, e-mail or phone no. is not public or identifiable, please send a copy of your ID card.
  • After sending the offer to you, we will wait for your confirmation within 7 days (no order will be accepted without a response).
  • If we have not responded to your letter within 2 days (spam, technical failure, holiday), please call back because the request has not been processed.
  • When picking up the equipment yourself, please make an appointment in advance, as we are not always in the warehouse.
  • Larger and more complex technical solutions are installed only by ourselves or by a competent partner known to us.
  • The customer/client ensures the safety of our employees and equipment, access to electricity and stage equipment, and van parking for the duration of the services at the event.
  • Please clear the installation areas beforehand of disturbing things and clean the area if necessary.

Rental conditions

  1. The tenant must be a citizen of the Republic of Estonia who is at least 18 years old.
  2. The renter must present a valid passport, ID card or driver's license of the Republic of Estonia.
  3. Rental days are considered to be the period of time between the pick-up and return days of the rented equipment.
  4. The lessee does not have the right to assign the rights and obligations arising from this agreement, as well as the rented equipment, to other persons without the permission of the lessor.
  5. The rented equipment must be returned the next day before 13:00, after which a new rental day is added.
  6. Equipment with accessories (bags, suitcases, cables) must be returned to the lessor clean, otherwise the lessor will clean them at the lessee's expense.
  7. The rental fee is the amount fixed in the annex to the contract according to the price list.
  8. The lessor has the right to demand a deposit for the equipment, which will be returned to the lessee after returning the equipment.
  9. The lessor has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract if the lessee is not competent enough to use the rented equipment.
  10. If the lessee violates this agreement or leaves the equipment unattended, the lessor has the right to take back the leased item without the lessee's consent, and all obligations remain with the lessee.
  11. The rental fee does not include the cost of the energy required for the operation of the equipment, maintenance costs or transport costs.
  12. The lessor is not responsible for compliance with fire safety regulations and other mandatory regulations when using the rented equipment by the lessee, or for damages that may occur to the lessee or a third party during use.
  13. The lessee is obliged to ensure a proper current for the equipment to work. Claims will not be accepted if interference due to poor current interferes with the operation of the equipment. Device failures due to voltage fluctuations are repaired by the lessor at the lessee's expense.
  14. If after the lessee has returned the equipment, the lessor must inform the lessee of the failure within seven days, and the lessee is obliged to compensate all costs related to the repair, incl. transport cost.
  15. The lessee is obliged to compensate for all damages caused by careless and incorrect use and maintenance of the equipment.
  16. If the rented equipment is destroyed or lost, the lessee is obliged to compensate the lessor for the price of the new equipment.
  17. The lessee does not have the right to independently repair damaged or broken equipment without the lessor's permission or to order it from others.
  18. If the lessee who is a legal person is unable to fulfill the obligations arising from the contract (is bankrupt or insolvent), the natural person who signed the contract undertakes to guarantee all claims arising from the contract and agrees to the publication of his personal data in Krediidiinfo. Debt collection and legal aid costs are paid by the lessee upon collection.
  19. If the signatory of the contract does not have the right to sign in the company, the signatory of this contract is personally responsible.
  20. The tenant is obliged to pay the rent and other amounts due on time.
  21. Services are billed after the equipment is handed over or installed. The invoice is due for payment according to the payment term indicated on the invoice, which is 7 days (private sector) or 21 days (state sector and international). In case of delay in payment, 0.3% is added for each day of delay.
  22. Disputes arising from the performance of the contract shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure provided for by the laws of the Republic of Estonia, if the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation.


The following discounts apply to the volume of rental equipment:

  • € 125 and more -5%
  • € 250 and more -10%
  • € 500 and more -15%
  • € 1000 and more -20%
  • € 1500 and more -25%

The following discounts apply to equipment based on the renter's rental frequency:

  • 2 times during the year -5%
  • 3 times during the year -10%
  • 4 times during the year -15%
  • 5 times during the year -20%
  • 6+ times during the year -25%

Rental discounts for stage equipment for multi-day events:

  • 2 days: -10%
  • 3 days: -15%
  • 4 days: -20%
  • 5 days: -25%


  • Discounts do not extend to services (transportation, installation-moving of equipment, technicians).
  • Discounts are not valid on Midsummer's Day and New Year's Eve.
  • Discounts are not summed up, but the most favorable solution for the customer is used.

Permanent rental

We offer an affordable long-term (from 3 months) stage equipment rental option for party venues. The advantages of a permanent lease are:

  • Financial - The party venue does not have to buy all the valuable equipment needed for different and demanding performers.
  • Save time - The party venue does not have to deal with time-consuming installation. The equipment is permanently available on site.
  • Risk mitigation - We will replace a device that needs maintenance or a faulty one immediately.
  • Convenience - The party venue does not have to deal with transporting large and heavy equipment.
  • Flexibility - It is also possible to buy out the necessary equipment at the party venue later.

Only Fridays and Saturdays are paid in the permanent queue, and we also do:

  • -30% discount in summer.
  • -35% discount in winter.
  • -40% discount in autumn.
  • -45% discount in spring.

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