Memory games and dexterity games

Our top 5 memory, talent and skill games (2005-2020)

  • No - Yes questions game - Thematic quiz in which everyone can participate, but where only one winner.
  • Music Game - Tracks are guessed. The songs are played in reverse, extremely fast and mega-slow.
  • Know the world - Continents are without the names of capitals and countries. Blank gaps must be filled in the lottery ticket.
  • Image Alias - The team explains to its player, without using a name, who or what is on the video screen.
  • Square Game - Releases the squares that cover the image on the video screen. The first correct respondent brings a point to the team.

 Our 5 most popular style party themes for summer days (2005-2020)

  • Olympics
  • The Pioneers Camp
  • Sanatorium
  • Titty Party
  • Great Wedding Party

 If necessary, we design diplomas for each thematic event