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Omnitronic BPS-3 Stand black

136-230cm, Ø35mm, 55*55cm, 13,61kg

Sales price: 142,29 €

Omnitronic BPS-3 base plate white

55*55cm, 10,6kg

Sales price: 118,07 €

Omnitronic BPS-2 Stand white

110-200cm, Ø35mm, 48*48cm, 9,6kg

Sales price: 97,36 €

Omnitronic BPS-2 Stand black

110-200cm, Ø35mm, 48*48cm, 9,6kg

Sales price: 86,91 €

Omnitronic BS-2 EU Loudspeaker Stand white

117-205cm, Ø35mm, 4,5kg

Sales price: 57,89 €

Omnitronic BPS-3 tube white

136-230cm, Ø35mm, 3,05kg

Sales price: 44,24 €