• Pioneer DJ products currently have a longer delivery time of 4-5 months.
  • QSC, JBL, Shure products may also have longer delivery times.
  • Antari, Eurolite, Futurelight, Laserworld equipment delivery time 10-14 days.


Pioneer XPRS 115S

15", 1200W (cont.), 40Hz-160Hz, 133dB, 30,6kg.

Sales price: 1487,19 €

Pioneer XPRS 215S

2*15", 1200W, 40Hz-160Hz, 135dB, 55,9kg.

Sales price: 1685,92 €


12", 2000W (peak), 38Hz-121Hz, 128dB, 28,4kg.

Sales price: 1025,00 €