Lighting effects

  • Unfortunately, the delivery time for Pioneer Pro DJ products is currently longer, 3-6 months.
  • QSC, JBL, Shure products may also have longer delivery times. Please ask.
  • Antari, Eurolite, Futurelight, Laserworld devices still available in 14-21 days.

Eurolite LED B-40 Laser Beam Wh

5*8W RGBW LED, RG Laser

Sales price: 299,75 €

Eurolite LED D-2000 Beam Effect


Sales price: 184,03 €

Eurolite LED FLD-1508 UV Panel

15*8W UV LED, IR

Sales price: 287,17 €

Eurolite LED ML-56 COB UV 80W bk

80W COB UV (ultraviolet), 35°

Sales price: 258,11 €

Eurolite LED Strobe COB PRO 16x10W

16*10W COB white

Sales price: 236,38 €

Eurolite LED Strobe COB PRO 8x20W

8*20W COB white - (Ale kuni 31.07.2022)

Sales price: 171,67 €
Base price with tax: 190,74 €

Eurolite LED Super Strobe ABL

216*SMD LED, 144*SMD RGB LED, 130W

Sales price: 231,95 €

Eurolite LED Strobe SMD PRO 864 DMX RGB

864*SMD5050 RGB, 120°, 175W

Sales price: 303,42 €

Eurolite Multiflood Pro IP SMD RGBW Strobe/Wash

1320*SMD 5050, IP65, 120°, 315W

Sales price: 918,18 €