Fog Machines

  • Unfortunately, the delivery time for Pioneer Pro DJ products is currently longer, 3-6 months.
  • QSC, JBL, Shure products may also have longer delivery times. Please ask.
  • Antari, Eurolite, Futurelight, Laserworld devices still available in 14-21 days.

Eurolite Dynamic Fog 700

700W 230m³/min paak 0,8l DMX

Sales price: 124,55 €

Eurolite Dynamic Fog 1200

1200W 340m³/min paak 2,3l DMX

Sales price: 245,17 €

Eurolite Dynamic Fog 2000

2000W 566m³/min paak 5l DMX

Sales price: 397,70 €

Eurolite NH-110 Tour Fazer

1100W, 170m³/min, 3,5l, DMX

Sales price: 520,45 €

Eurolite N-130 Tour Fogger

1350W, 510m³/min, paak 3,5l, DMX

Sales price: 543,43 €

Eurolite N-250 Fog Machine

2550W, 160ml/min, paak 5l, DMX

Sales price: 356,92 €

Eurolite NSF-250 LED DMX Hybrid Spray

1080W, paak 2,5l, 800m³/min, 70ml/min, 9*3W LED RGB

Sales price: 281,55 €

Eurolite NSF-350 LED Hybrid Spray

1580W, 1130m³/min, 600ml/min, 21*3W LED RGB

Sales price: 375,98 €

Antari W-508

800W, 85m³/min, paak 0,8 liitrit

Sales price: 219,10 €

Antari Z-1200 MK2

1200W, 510 m³/min, paak 2,5l, 11,5kg

Sales price: 434,12 €

Antari Z-1500 MK2

1500W, 570 m³/min, paak 6l, DMX

Sales price: 613,21 €

Antari Z-1520 LED

1500W, 150 ml/min, 22*3W RGB LED, paak 2,4l, 10,95kg

Sales price: 662,48 €

Antari Z-3000 MK2

3000W, 1130 m³/min., paak 6l, DMX

Sales price: 746,74 €

Antari HZ-350 Hazer

Kompressor, 2,8l, 21h/l, 68m³/min, DMX

Sales price: 787,14 €

Antari HZ-400 Hazer

Kompressor, 2,5, 16h/l, 100m³/min, DMX

Sales price: 1149,96 €